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Feb 24, 2011
Stopped at TSC this afternoon, they got chicks today, and my 2 year old grandson and I had to visit with them. They have a 6 chick minimum purchase, and I get the 6 I ordered on the 15th. Husband stayed in the car, just KNOWING I was coming out with chicks.

Ha! See I do have restraint! No chicks.

But, I do deserve *something*, right?

Any way to the question. Anyone familiar with this product, Nutri-Drench? Is this the "medicated" stuff they suggested for the water? I bought some apple cider vinegar to use in their water (Braggs brand) Do I use both?

Trying to lay in everything I might need before the chicks get here. So this was my reward...

Not really satisfying but easier than listening to DH rag on me.

Oh and one more question. I want to put linoleum on the floor of the coop when it goes up. Trying to do this on the cheap (not really trying, MUST) cheapest I have found is about $1.00 per sq. ft. so $80.00, ouch. I found the stick- on linoleum tiles, box covers 12 sq. ft. for $8.00. Come to Momma. Anyone ever used these? Going on top of plywood, may use a little extra glue on them.

rambling, I know.

Darling got out and moved a bunch of dirt and tried to fill in the hole that was the water garden in prep for setting the coop. He is a real trooper when he can use the tractor, and good at it. I have got to get a camera and notebook to document our adventure.

Thanks for any input. This is ALL new to me. And Darlin is such a darlin for indulging me on another new addiction. Did have an unbelievable huge flower garden that got away from me that we are reclaiming for the hens and a little veggie garden to share with our beautiful little grandson. We both have memories of helping our Grandparents with theirs, and we want to do the same with our little man.

This is one of the bestest, nicest, most informative message board I have ever found. I tend to lurk, read, and learn so much here. Thank You all.

Blessings on all and your feathered friends.
I searched medicated water and then medicated feed on this site and talked to alot of others. I think TSC puts the antibiotics in the water because of all the folks handling the chicks, ect. I ordered chicks from a hatchery and decided not to medicate the water as they would not be in contact with others, yet I am feeding medicated feed as they are being brooded in the coop and are on the ground exposed to coccidia even tho I am using deep litter, those little peeps can dig to china to get to some dirt to dust bath in.
Good luck and have fun.
It's not worth the money IMO. I never had any luck with it.
Thank you for the replies, after a little research, I agree.


Do I need to medicate the water? Inside brooder. Feeding Dumoor (sp) feed.

I think no.

These chicks ought to be full grown by the time I pick them up-as much time as I have thought about them

6 little birds, picking them up the day after my birthday. But on my day off-so I can watch and see.

Gonna return the Nutri stuff, can always use bedding, right?
I keep the water medication in case I have a sick bird. Antibiotics and also electrolites for first aid. Then it is always handy to have blue kote for boo-boos and seven dust for lice and then mite dust and ......... I have a medicine cabinet in my coop:p.

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