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Mar 3, 2019
Hi there,I have a poorly hen and I’ve got some nutri drops and I’ve given her some this morning but my question is how many times can I give her some in a day. It doesn’t seem to say.All it says is dose a min of 3 days and no more than 5 days.Can I give her more today or have to wait till tomorrow?

The full story is 2 weeks ago I had a hen have to be put down due to a mycoplasma Gallisepticum.I brought her into the house in a pet carrier and tried to nurse her back to health.I was tube feeding her for 2 days.The vet prescribed Tylan for her and the other 3 hens and also she had ronaxan tablets as that’s all the vet had in stock to give her straight away.Unfortunately she didn’t recover at all and it was awful,she lost both her eyes and was unable to eat or drink on her own so I made the decision to end her suffering last Sunday.Now
another of my hens is showing the same symptoms with foamy eyes and head starting to swell and refusing to eat and drink.I have dosed their water with Tylan again but I doubt it’s going to work as they were all on it before.I’m so worried that they all going to die from it now.I know they are all carriers for life now and that it can flare up at any time.Tonight I will bring her in and try to make her comfortable.I’ve been trying to syringe Tylan water into her every few hours and gave her nutri drops this morning
Sometimes MG will not respond to treatment when a chicken's immune system is depleted. You're doing what you can for this current patient.

Check the dosage of the Tylan and be sure she's getting as much as she needs. The Nutri-drench is a once a day thing. It can cause diarrhea if given in large amounts or for longer than recommended.
Your Nutri-Drops dosage is 1 tsp or 5 ml per gallon of water. You may be able to give a couple of drops orally daily. The Tylan has to be taken in enough water to get the proper dosage. You could mix up a syringe of it and dose her orally to get enough in her.
Just hang in there I have a couple of sick hens myself, you will see an improvement after 3 days. Mine started eating again on the third day and I gave her some tuna/shrimp cat food for high protein (you can find tiny portion in store), or I also made some mash by mixing layer feed with oat milk but water should be ok as well. When it's wet is easier to swallow. She's back to be herself but I have 2 more that just started. Some TLC and faith and they'll be back to be happy chickens :yesss:
I’m afraid she’s going down hill like the last one.I’m still syringing Tylan water in her but it’s definitely not enough.She’s refusing to eat and both her eyes are stuck shut and oozing and her face has swollen up.It’s so devastating to see them like this especially as I went through all this last week and I know the outcome and the decision I’m going to have to make :’(
Sorry that she is doing worse. Does she have a bad odor around her face? Is she having yellow nasal drainage or pus in her eyes? You could be dealing with a secondary infection such as air sacculitis or possibly, coryza. Those could require a different antibiotic that treats grm negative bacteria. Where are you located? If you lose her, keep her body cool, but not frozen, and contact your state vet for a necropsy to identify the disease. Here is a list of state vets in the US:
Well I just went to check on her again and she’d laid an egg the poor dear.Is that a good sign? I don’t know how she’d laid as she’s not eaten and is terribly ill.She does have the beginning of a smell that the last one also had.I thought it might be a secondary infection as Coryza has a smell does it not?Luckily there is no yellow pus yet.My last hen definitely had yellow pus from eyes and nostrils.Maybe I should contact the vet and get some different antibiotics.I forgot to say I’m in the UK
@ChickWin It depends on the MG strain. Birds can have a mild case of MG or a killer type strain. Regrettably, I believe the OP is dealing with the latter.
I agree with you, the symptoms are worst that the one shown by our hen. We now have 3 more that are sick, they are not recovering as easily and fast as the first one, maybe it also depends on the breed? Not sure.

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