NW OR / SW WA Looking for, Brown Danish Leghorn pullet or...

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    Jan 31, 2008
    NW Oregon
    NW OR / SW WA Looking for, Brown Danish Leghorn pullet or another Rare Leghorn pullet.

    I'm just sick, I know accidents happen. Today I lost a almost 3 month old pullet my danish leghorn, she had turned out to by my favorite of the chicks I kept this spring.

    Somehow? I'm not exactly sure how. (although the area is now secure) my 3 young girls who had been in their own pen w/in a pen to get used to the big girls got out. The big girls chased them into a corner between some fencing. My leghorn was on the bottom of the pile and she died. I'm just sick. WHY hadn't I seen the weakness in my set up to prevent it???

    Had I gone out 1 hour earlier I bet I would have been there in time to save her.......
    the other 2 girls (delaware and Russian orloff survived)

    I was enjoying her so much, she had turned out to have a great personality great red brown in color.

    I'm so bummed......
    besides loosing a bird I REALLY liked, she was also my one white egg layer.


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