NYC/NJ/LI areas. Assorted pure Baby chicks looking for good homes!

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  1. magsrags

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    Aug 12, 2008
    Staten Island NY
    Available for pick up only.
    hatched here in my home.

    3/Buff orpingtons are almost 3 weeks old, beautiful!straight run 1black astralopp is almost 3 weeks old. BIG straight run
    2 black sex link boys are 10 days old.
    1 buff orp is 10 days old. straight run
    1 black Astralorp is 10 days old. straight run

    I have some Bantam D'Uccles (Mille Fleur) I am currently deciding on how many to keep, but will have a couple available at least. They are adorable and only 2 weeks old. So tiny!

    All healthy and on medicated feed. Growing up in the same brooder so they all get along just fine.
    PM me for prices/details and pictures!

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