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Nov 3, 2018
Hawkes Bay, New Zealand
Hi all

Chicken Addict from New Zealand

I got my first chickens in January 2018 - 8 bantam pullets and 1 bantam rooster. Took about 1 week to realise that chickens have so much personality, and became seriously hooked on them.

I now have 16 chicken kids ... 6 hatched by my broodies (2 bantams and 4 pure eggs purchased). I also have 2 broodies currently sitting on 13 eggs between them.

12 of my chicken kids are backyard beauties, and the 4 new babies are L.Aracauna, S.Sussex, B.P.Rock and BL.Wyandotte.

We moved onto our lifestyle block in Dec 2017, and along with my chicken kids, we have 2 dogs, 12 beef cattle, and 13 sheep and 12 lambs which we bred ourselves.

I discovered BYC when googling all sorts of things about chickens, and like the advice that is available.
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