Oakland, California - change the laws in regards to keeping roosters


Jul 22, 2016
Bay Area, California
Currently roosters are not allowed in Oakland, California (O.M.C. 6.04.320). Is anyone else working or interested in changing the laws in order to keep roosters in Oakland, California? Roosters are already part of our urban landscape. I believe we should be allowed to keep our roosters. I saw a petition online from Australia that is worded very nicely:

"In regards to sustainability people with acreage should be allowed to keep a rooster, and breed their own chickens. Sunshine Coast Council is promoting sustainability, but if people are actually trying to do so, they are held back. A rooster looks after his chicks. He protects them from danger and helps maintaining the flock. Chickens produce manure that helps activating your compost heap, and rejuvenate the area's they are free ranging on. Compost goes back onto the veggie gardens, which produces healthy and organic vegetables. Please help fight this cause, and give people with acreage, who live in semi rural areas (now all branded as residential and other) the chance to make the world a better place. At the moment the Sunshine Coast regional laws prohibit people to own a rooster when they live on a block of land under 50000m2 (=5 hectares / almost 13 acres!!). If you own a rooster and you do NOT live on a property with 5 hectares or more, you could be next on the list having to remove your rooster." https://www.change.org/p/sunshine-c...ds-to-keeping-roosters-in-semi-rural-sc-areas

In the Bay Area I do see many families who are going back (or are continuing) to producing their own food and keeping their own chickens. I have heard comments that roosters are not needed for egg production, however a hen's egg production will eventually slow down and end. Eventually a rooster is needed. Roosters also protects the flock. We live in an urban setting which includes urban raccoons and other urban predators.

The main points I would like to emphasize from the petition from Australia are:
1. Keeping chickens, including roosters, support sustainability.
2. Roosters protects and maintains the flock.
3. Chicken manure is great for compost and produces healthy and organic vegetables.

I invite everyone to create a support group or join if there's is one already. There is strength in numbers and the more people sign on, the better our chances of success will be.

Mr Stitch

In the Brooder
Sep 3, 2015
Oakland, CA
If you're still interested in working on this, I am interested. I'd like to see one rooster allowed per household. I know they are trying to keep the cockfighting from happening. I know where I live I've been told of the old cockfighting ring that was in the neighborhood a long time ago. But one rooster with a small flock of hens is different.

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