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    Pronounced kliːk in the US

    A small group of people who spend their time together and do not welcome other people into that group. (Of course is made exception at times.)

    They're are many cliques a few of them are.

    The populars, which usually includes the jocks and the cheerleaders with the occasional bad boys and players thrown in there. Usually spotted at parties having fun and dancing with members of the opposite sex.

    The nerds mainly the kids who strive to be the top of class and usually don't have to try to hard to do it. They're the ones who spend almost all they're time studying for the next test and can be found in the library with they're nose in a book.

    The geek, a cousin to the nerd, is very similar but usually doesn't sport the same academic skills. They're usually obsessed with fantasy larping, comic books, and/or computers. They can usually be found at a comic book store or at a local comic con.

    Band Geeks a geek with a twist. As you can tell they're obviously in band usually are very good at it.

    The Otakus which are a type of geek which usually makes average grades but are obsessed with anime and anything anime related. They can usually be found in there room watching anime or reading manga.

    Art Smarts every had the ability to draw these kids can just draw better then everyone else. They're usually either searching for their 'muse' or feeling like tortured artist, mainly the guys, cause all the girls like the 'tortured artist' and are often trying to be there 'muse'. Can usually be found in a art supply store or are painting/drawing. (Not all paint/draw some are photographers.)

    Overachievers usually are the people you want to be in a project with. They're usually president to the student council make straight A's and are usually groomed to perfection. They usually are very well rounded. They can be found in a lot of extracurricular activities after/before school.

    Theater kids are in theater, even though if you may be in theater theses kids bring it to a whole new level. They can be over dramatic and are usually working on their latest 'character' for an upcoming play. They can usually be found practicing after school for a play or skit.

    Rebels are usually against 'the man' usually skipping school or showing up late for class and causing havoc when ever possible. Usually listen to rock music and some may but are not limited to skateboarding. Can usually be found in the principals office and if they're really committed the police station waiting for their parents to pick the up.

    Emos are usually depressed kids who usually don't talk even to members of their own clique. Usually listening to music with they're hoods up. They can usually be found sitting alone or with others as they flock together from time to time.

    Loners closely related to the emos usually spend time by themselves but usually don't have the depression that comes with being emo. So pretty much a happier version emo, their personalitys tend to vary. Usually fond wandering around bored.

    And last but not least Floaters usually friends with just about everyone. Can be hanging out with the band geeks one day and the populars the next. Can be found just about anywhere depending on their mood.

    So which clique(s) do you belong to? Are you trying to climb the social scale or are you content where your at? Are you barely pulling through high school, are you pushing through without hesitation, or are you so far back your just about to give up?

    All BYC rules apply
    What I say goes
    Bleep out all cursing, one letter allowed. (ex. S***) Censoring profanity is against BYC rules. Please do not do this. Thanks ~Staff
    If you read the rules put taco in 'other'.
    Keep it PG13 please- All content should be suitable for ALL ages. ~Staff
    As many characters as you want just please keep track of them.
    We're big kids no oc fighting bring it to PM.
    Drama and Romance (in the rp) is allowed even encouraged. No adult situations or innuendo is allowed.

    Character form:
    Name: (First and last please)
    Age:(They're in highschool)
    Personality:(Please no TBRS)
    Crush/BF or GF:
    Picture/Description:(Either/or but at least one is mandatory.)
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  2. (Are you open? If so, I'll join :3)
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  4. (Ok, I will post my forms tomorrow then if that's alright :))
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    (Yeah thats fine)
  6. Name: Luna Draven
    Age: 17
    Gender: F
    Personality: Luna is, in general, just considered shy. She often gets insecure around new people, and is pretty much the invisible one in the room most of the time. She is sensitive, and tends to take things to heart. Once you get to know her though and earn her trust, she is a great friend
    Crush/BF or GF: None, and intends on keeping it that way
    Picture/description: Long naturally black hair that goes down to about her lower back. Luna is a pretty averag hight, maybe even slightly tall for her age. Her build is very slender- or as some might put it delicat, in just about every way. Her most noticeable feature though, is her eyes. They are a kind of shade of blue, though half of the time apear to be grey when in the right light. Her mother always had these kind of fascinating eyes, and it seems Luna inherited them from her
    Clique: Luna is a loner, being shy really doesn't help her either
    History: Luna grew up with her two brothers and parents in one of the most awful parts of town. Her father was a store assistant, working day and night to try earn enough money to support his family. One day, Luna came home from playing in the woods with her older brother, only to find that their oldest sibling had left without a word. She still doesn't know what happened. Two years later, her closest friend and second oldest in her family died from an unknown illness. She still misses him dearly, and is determind she will never be that close to anyone, so she doesn't get hurt all over again.
    Other: Taco :3
    User Name: Silver Bantam

    Name: Archer Lyle
    Age: 15
    Gender: M... duh
    Personality: Typical boy- goofy, sarcastic... and sometimes just plain out crazy. Archer is actually a very calm collected young fellow once you get to know him, though he will always have his moments of fantastical hyperness. He doesn't care if he makes himself look stupid, and loves to make people laugh. He is also rather hyper and impatient, and to be honest couldn't care about school less. Archer can be quiet, he just has to focus really hard and be quite exhausted
    Crush/BF or GF: WHA- I mean, pardon?
    Picture/Description: A mop of perminantly messy light brown hair, and expressive dark brown eyes. He has a kind of signature lop sided grin, that just adds to his goofyness. Archer isn't short- nor is he tall. Just... average. But with seemingly most guys his age being basket ball player hight, he often looks like a bit of a shorty. His skin is pretty much always dark as well, as he tans extremely easily.
    Clique: Sometimes Rebel, other times populars. Just depends if he turns up to school or not.
    History: Archer grew up in a middle class family of 9, so that's four brothers and two sisters. He was always the goofy insane kid in the family, often getting into trouble at school for mischief. Despite that, Archer never actually did anything real bad- such as stealing etc. (Ok, so he might have 'borrowed' a library book. He had forgotten his library card- plus that speech on Antarctica was due the next day).
    Username: Silver Bantam

    Name: Skye Warren
    Age: 16
    Gender: F O-O
    Personality: Skye is the kind of person why doesn't care what other think of her, and isn't afraid to speak her mind most of the time. She could also be called spunky, and often a bit feisty around people who disrespect her or her friends etc. She can be extremely sarcastic around friends- and often comes up with the most random ideas and things to say. Despite this, she has a sweet quiet side. Honestly. Just find it, deep deeeep down inside...
    Crush/BF or GF: No. Period.
    Picture/Description: [​IMG]

    Clique: Pretty much a Floater. She is generally pretty popular, but hates partying etc.
    History: Nothing that fantastical, grew up with three older brothers and two loving parents. She was never exactly popular at school, but always had a decent circle of friends. Skye recently came here to seek a better schooling then she was getting at her old school, plus she just recently moved to the area with her parents
    Other: Taacoooos
    Username: Silver Bantam
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    ((You need to add the Band geeks are usually in marching band, and that lots of them are annoying when it comes to showing that they're in band. Seriously, even my band director does it XD.
    Announcer- Could the choir students stand up? *nice portion of people stand up*. Ok thank you could the band students stand up?
    Band kids- *stand up, fist pumps and obnoxious yelling*))
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    Well, going to make a charicter based off of me. With my fantroll's name. Because geek.))
    Name: Ailyss Specht
    Age: 15 (freshman)
    Gender: Female
    Personality: Hyper when something exiting or unusual is happening, if you're rude to her, she will be ruder. She's pretty funny. In her group of friends, she's really talkative, but outside of it she's quiet and only says something funny every once in awhile.
    Crush/BF or GF: *clears throught* someone make a guy her age, please.
    Description: Short. She is short. Literally, like, 5'1". Hazel eyes, freckles, and long dark brown hair that reaches her elbows. Likes to wear jeans and slip on shoes. Hates socks. Mostly wears Homestuck, marvel, or other fandom t-shirts.
    Clique: Geek. I have to with like, 3 cosplays sitting around my room. FLARP FTW.
    History: her brother and herself were sent to this school from Ceeder City, UT. ((Lol not actual location XD))
    Other: Taco
    Username: Dragapacacorn

    Name: Boris Specht
    Age: 17 (senior)
    Gender: Male
    Personality: realist, serious, can be funny every once in awhile.
    Crush/BF or GF: '_'
    Description: 5'6", but ripped. Why? Because that's just the curse of the Specht family. THEY'RE ALL SHORT. Mid length slightly curly hair, always styled nicely. Presses in nice button-up shirts, usually with ties or bow ties, nice pants (never jeans) and dress shoes. Blueish-grey eyes and slight freckles.
    Clique: Overachever
    History: same as Ailyss's
    Other: taco
    Username: Dragapacacorn.
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    (Lol accepted! :) )
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    (I'll make my characters after school. )

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