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Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by speckledhen, Dec 1, 2007.

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    Most of you have seen my Fridge-a-Bator and know it has the wafer thermostat. We use a woodstove for heat, so it's much cooler at night in the room than in the daytime. We find that the temps in the hatcher rise about a few tenths of a degree at night, up to a half degree and couldn't figure out why since they are so, so stable in this hatcher usually.
    My DH thinks its because the metal lever of the thermostat sits outside the fridge and transfers the cold from the room to the wafer, thereby making it kick on the heat and warm up the bator during the night. If I dont adjust it at all, as the house warms up, the temps in the hatcher slowly regulate back down. They dont rise out of acceptable ranges, but I thought I would mention this little observation we made so it may help someone. The fridge is super-insulated and holds temp and humidity extremely stable, and the only time we ever see it fluctuate is when the house cools way off.
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    I was having the exactly the same problem and was going to ask you about it. Then I read your post somewhere about throwing a towel over your bator to help regulate the temps at night, so that's what I've been doing and it's helping a lot.

    Thanks for all the help and insight you give all us newbies, it's much appreciated.... even if you are an enabler. [​IMG]
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    Hi, I have a lamp with a 60 watt bulb that I make my fine adjustments with, the variations from night to day. Most time all it takes is to shine the lamp horizontally about 8 inches above the incubator. Not directed at the bator, just horizontally to keep the air more stable around the bator. Works well. Karen
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    At least the Fridge-a-Bator is really great and the temps only rise a tad at night, unless the house stays warm. The Hova needs that towel over it anytime the temps are below 70 degrees and it fluctuates more than the fridge. Still, they both do a good job. I think if I put something on the thermostat lever at night so the cold doesn't cool off that metal too much, the bator will hum along just fine. We'll see tonight, if these two chicks aren't hatched by morning.

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