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    I walked into the coop and one of my girls face was purple red and she was hissing at other hens. I walked over to pet her and she carried on and hissed but didn't move from her spot on the floor. So I backed up and watched, they are EE and 22 weeks old. I wondered if this was broody behaviour but it seemed really early for their age and I've never seen a broody.

    Then she stood up, pushed out a small blue egg, looked confused, and stood there for a minute, then walked away, didn't even look at what she had done. No one has made a nest and plopped one on floor, as we have adequate nest boxes now -- think it was her first? What does a broody do? Hah, that rhymed . . . Anyway, her face went back to dark pink and looked normal as she walked away.

    [​IMG]. I am still new enough to be totally fascinated by my chickens.
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    This video is a pretty good video of a broody hen...


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