Oct 25th hatch date, candling pics.

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    This is my first hatch ever. DH was great enough to take pictures of my first candling tonight. This is day 7. These are only pics of good eggs, and only ones that came out well.

    I'm not sure which # eggs these are as I lost that in the editing.

    Right now out of 11 eggs, #3 and 10 are clear I think and #2 is questionable. I'll leave them in and candle them again in a few days. The others won't be candled again until day 18 unless I suspect a problem.

    You an see some veining on the air sac end and a darker area toward the small end.

    Again obvious veining on this one.

    Veining here...

    Here you can almost see the chickie.

    I really enjoyed looking at my chickies. #5 was even moving around inside the egg. We were really careful not to move the eggs too much. Only removing them, tilting them slightly to candle and then putting them straight back in without rolling them around. I didn't want to get anyone tangled up in there.

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    Those pics look great! [​IMG] Sending good luck your way of course [​IMG] [​IMG]:fl

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    Wow, I can't believe you can see so much at Day 7.

    I candled last night (Day 9) and could only see movement or veins in 5 of the eggs. (out of 14) I think I spotted a blood ring in 1, but I'm leaving it to be sure.
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