ODD BALL HEN! What's up with her?


12 Years
May 29, 2010
Eastern Wa.
We have 5 black stars 7 months old. We consistently get 4 eggs per day, we thought 1 hen per day was not laying. Yesterday I was just watching them in the run and noticed one of them has a small comb and wattles that are light pink, part of her comb is still blackish that is what color they were when they were chicks. Also we have two external nest boxes there are always 4 eggs in one of the boxes and none in the other. Twice when they first started laying we got 5 eggs 4 in one and 1 in the other so I know she has laid at least two. Also we occasionally find an egg in the other nest but then there has only been 3 in the other, I think that one of the layers go there when the main box is being used.
I'm not sure what the problem what if anything is the deal is with her, could she be that late of a bloomer? She looks healthy besides her comb and wattles. If any one has any ideas or advice it would surely be welcome.
She will come around, I think you just got a late bloomer on your hands.
Agreed. Just like there are some oddball people, myself included
, there are oddballs chickens. Heck, I have two dogs, GSDs, brothers on their sires side and cousins on their dams. They have matured at totally different rates and are as different as night and day.
I agree, they all develope at different rates.. I have 11 chicks that came from the same hatch. One is huge, almost twice a large as the smaller ones.. I thought it was a rooster but she looks more like a hen (compared to the other ones that I KNOW are roos).. I have three little ones that look like they are from another hatch. Much smaller, less developed combs even from the other hens.. two have no pink at all. I purchased them 11 weeks ago, they were all the same size, and were fully feathered.. the breeder said they were 3 weeks old but they are small, I can't believe that they are actually 14 weeks old!
I have 3 Wyandottes, one Blue Laced, one BLR Splash and a Gold laced-all are coming up on 30 weeks old-not one egg yet. Also a White Leghorn that is 25 weeks-but no eggs. A bunch of freeloaders if you ask me!! But one day I was reading through a thread on BYC and someone was telling how their grandma raised chickens for years and her rule of thumb was that hens will lay at about 30 weeks, so if that is average-then you gotta figure some are going to be sooner and some are going to be later.

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