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    Apr 22, 2011
    i have 2 new chickens which i added to my existing flock of 2 after one died, i keep my older 2 chickens in their existing coup at night and bought a coup for my new chickens (theyre all free ranged during the day.) but my younger 2 go into the run in front of their coup at night until they get used to going in there. because im not going to be there to put them to bed - i have to go out for most of the day, i have a relative looking after them so i left the new chickens in their run but although they are fine and keep eating and acting normally they keep going into their coup and just sitting in their - theyre not at point of lay yet so theyre not going in there to lay they just sit there, ive been encouraging them to get out but i was just wondering if this was the right thing to do? is it normal for them to do this ad should i just leave them? im just worried that it will interupt their bedtime routine. please help!! im still relativly new at keeping chickens - ive had my oldest for a year, and theres still a lot i dont know!
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    Mar 4, 2011
    My new ones did the same..It took about a month for them to settle in and want to come out, and some scratch being thrown outside the pen..Now, they are all over the place
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    Chickens dislike change, and it will take them a while to adjust to their new home. They will be fine.
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    I recently introduced a new young hen to our flock. She was being picked on a bit and when the others went outside to free range, she just stayed in the barn by herself all day. She did this for about 4 days. Since then she is out with the rest during the day, free ranging and is not at the top of the ranks, but very close. I'm guessing, maybe your two new ones are a little timid and just need some time to build up their courage.

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