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    My bantam cochin, is acting very strange. she is laying eggs in this upside down box she has found in the coop. there is a whole in the top of it and she can get in there and lay her eggs. she getts off the eggs and if any other birds go by she throws a huge fit and attacks them. she sets from time to time but still roosts under the heat lamp at night. I thought that they did not set on there own eggs? before they usualy get a stock pile of eggs then sit on everyones. she is a beautefull black/blue cochin with some frizle in her parent line so her chciks would be so cute....should I leave her eggs? it has been below freezing here over night.

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    Broody hens often hide their nests, laying an egg a day until instinct tells them they have enough eggs to start setting. So what she's doing makes sense.

    Alot of the time, they go broody right in the nest box where everybody lays, and they just set on everybody's eggs, but it seems like she thinks the box is her "secret nest."

    Unfortunately, if it's below freezing, I'm not sure if her eggs will hatch, but I would go ahead and let her try, if it was me. What the heck?

    Hope this helps,

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