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  1. Jenerva

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    Jun 27, 2011
    I am being emotionally tortured by one of our chicken's behaviors lately. To worry or not to worry, that is the question. We have 4 backyard chickens: 3 RIR and 1 Golden Comet. The Golden, Noodle, is 3rd in age (apprx. 12 weeks) of the 4 and apparently 4th in pecking order. She is last out in the morning and last to eat or drink, however I have never witnessed any actual pecking on her by the others. She is slower than the others, keeps her head down into her chest at all times unless picked up (then she'll stretch it out, and return to her more partridge looking posture) Her legs are less bright yellow and strong as the others, but shows no signs of weaving when she walks or tremors, just slow. She spends her daytime hours standing with neck in, dozing. Occasionally she'll eat/drink. She is aware of the other 3 and will follow them if they change sides of the coop or run, then she goes back to standing and dozing. Her feathers, eyes, vent all look fine. But her behavior and energy is sooo different than the others. How worried should I be?
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    Are they on a coccidiostat (medicated feed or in their water)? They get pretty lethargic/droopy sometimes if they've got a bad case of coccidia.

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