Odd coloration on hens comb


5 Years
Mar 2, 2015
sw Iowa

My sweet girl, Maple, had some very minor frostbite this last winter, and made a full recovery. But today I noticed her comb is darkening. We have had some very hot weather this last week with high humidity- can this be a cause? I take them out ice water and cool treats throughout the day, so really not sure what's going on here.
Today I can still see some discoloration, but it's not quite as bad. I still don't know what's going on. I haven't changed anything, but it is not quite as humid today. Can anyone tell me why her comb is darkening?
Thanks. I went through those and am heading to town looking for the trramycon and probiotics. It will be nice to have those on hand. I am not sure any of those is quite what she has. Her comb does look better today and she has not been lathargic, vent clean, inside of beak has no gray or white spots. No lice either.

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