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    Over the last two years, I've had three chickens come down with some odd malady where first they have pour egg quality such as just membranes instead of shells and then it progresses to cessation of laying eggs. These chickens are typically between the ages of 9 months-2 years. When they first come down with it, I observed that they become very lethargic, hardly eating and standing still in one spot for hours at a time. I ended up putting down the first three chickens that came down with it, and now, as of yesterday, another one stopped laying eggs and is standing still staring off into space vacantly. This chicken is only nine months old and I REALLY don't want to put her down. I would like to know if there is a way to diagnose and cure this illness. I did take the first chicken to come down with it to a local vet but despite all of his efforts, she never started laying again and I did put her down. Any ideas?
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    It is very hard to say what is happening, but based on history, I would highly recommend that if you lose this one, or another with similar symptoms that you have a necropsy done to determine what exactly is going on. There are some virus's that can impact eggshell quality, or it could be a reproductive issue. Have your birds ever been wormed or had a fecal done to check for them? Coccidiosis is also very common and can cause lethargy, standing fluffed up, going off food and water, and runny, mucousy, or bloody droppings. Any illness can stop egg laying, so that may be a part of the problem or may just be caused in general by the bird being ill. Have you checked them over for lice/mites?
    Checking crop function is always a good idea to make sure it's operating properly. It should be empty first thing in the morning before they have access to food and water, should fill and empty through the day as they eat and digest.
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    Are you able to feel under her chest area like in her belly between her legs? Is it really squishy and kind of soft? If so she might have egg yolk peritonitis. I lost one to that last year and the symptoms were very similar. It seems like a lot of people have this happen but a lot of people don't know what it is. They will stand kind of straight up and just in one spot almost like a penguin standing still. The Tell-Tale sign is the squishy abdomen the area. Unfortunately once they get this once it can come back very easily because from what I understand the way it happens is an egg goes down the wrong shoot into their abdominal area instead of through their vent.
    Good luck with your girl and keep us posted.

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