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    May 6, 2011
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    Hi Everyone!

    We bought 4 pullets on April 9th. We bought them from a great guy who we also buy meat and milk from. The girls had about a two hour ride in the back of a pick up, in a dog crate covered by a blanket. They are all in good health as far as I can tell.

    They all came from a hatchery (mixed breeds), and were hatched about Nov. 1st. Two are Black Stars, and two were sold as Ameraucanas (I even payed 2 dollars more for them) but I am now convinced that they are Easter Eggers (golden). They look like the goldens on the chicken breed page.

    We got our first egg on April 21, and I know it was Arlyene, one of the Black Stars. It was dark brown and perfect (though small of course). She has laid a perfect egg every day since then. She is also the most friendly and aggressive of the bunch.

    Our second layer started on May 1. The egg was much lighter in color, but still tan. This egg looked fine. I assumed that it was the other Black Star Nana who laid it. The next day we got a very soft shelled light egg with a peck in it. The next day no light egg. The next day a rather large (compared to the dark brown eggs) nice hard light egg. Yesterday, it was another thin, but not soft egg, and today we got a beautiful dark brown egg, a soft light egg (pecked), and awhile later, a small, light, flat sided misshapen egg.

    I know that new layers can have an adjustment period, but I am concerned. I feed them an organic "Cascade" layer feed with no soy or corn. It's pea based and supposed to be complete. I supplement with oyster shell and yogurt. They do not free range yet, but they are in a tractor that gets moved a lot so they get lots of green grass, and dandelion greens. I also give them some extra hard red wheat because the nights are still pretty cold here.

    I am a little disappointed that I have EEs. I was looking forward to blue or green eggs for the grand kids. I know I might still get green ones, but if this third llittle egg today is from one of the EEs then it is also a light tan color. Also, the EEs are not friendly at all, they run away from me and hide in the hen house. Even when I have raisins!

    Is this kind of inconsistency normal? Should I just wait and see if it sorts itself out? One of the EEs, Prissy is the low hen. She is very timid, and I worry that she is not getting enough to eat. She gets picked on, and doesn't come for treats. I may have to separate her to see that she is getting enough food, but she is so terrified of me that I don't want to freak her out by trying to move her.
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    This can be pretty normal starting out. Some lay without much issue from the get go, some take time till the egg factory gets sorted out, and some are inconsistent no matter what.

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