Odd find...


Sep 14, 2019
Wayne, NJ
The weather has been strange here in New Jersey. It's been cold, we had more snow than we've had in a while a week or so back, and then it got really warm on Christmas Eve only to plummet again on Christmas Day. The girls have their heated wateter but a regularly waterer as well. I brought up the regular one overnight so it could defrost and really didn't look all that closely at it. Dumped it this morning and found this little guy

We initially thought he was dead, given he'd spent the night in a defrosting block of ice, but no! Did a little research and have made him a temporary tank to live in until we have a warmer day! Need to go to the pet store to get him some food and such but...Everyone, meet Frank!

Previously hanging out with Maple and Waffle in their Omlet run.

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