Odd injury?

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Jan 6, 2018
Delaware, USA
I got a few chicks at Tractor Supply a few days ago.
One of them has an odd injury, it looks as though it may have had a string wrapped around it's neck, to the point of cutting into skin!
The hardened scab was like a hard black choker collar, all the way around neck, and the growth of the chick's neck was restricted by the scab. I only noticed when she bobbed her head funny when pigging out eating. The scab blended well with her dark fuzz.
I gently removed it & applied Neosporin & reapply it 2x a day to keep it moist so it can grow as she grows without a choker scab forming again. It has improved in appearance greatly & now neck is growing along with the chick & she eats & swallows fine, no more bobbing due to a restrictive scab collar. The bird seems to have some slight swelling still on either side of the wound, and I hope it goes down more completely. Appetite & energy of this chick are great, a talkative little chirper, too. There seemed to be a slight air bubble by crop a few days ago.
I've put a little needle hole in subcutaneous air bubbles before on Homing Pigeons, to let the air out, but I haven't done that with a chicken...yet, anyway.
It doesn't seem to be air inside the crop, it looks subcutaneous, and she is digesting & pooping well. Sometimes the air bubbles need to be drained, but often when they're tiny they resolve themselves.

Anyway... I can't imagine what may happened to this poor little chick, how would a day old chick get something tied around it's neck?

The 1st 3 pics are 2 days ago when 1st saw this, I removed the scab, saw how red it was & applied Neosporin & you can see the air bubble.

The next 4 pics are today, just applied Neosporin, better skin color, less inflamed, healing & much less air bubble.

I've given probiotics & oregano oil in water, feeding organic chick starter. Digestion & poo looking good.

Any other suggestions or theories are welcome.


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I think you are doing a good job taking care of her.

If the air bubble is reducing in size and she's not having difficulty breathing, then I would just keep watch on that to see if it will resolve on it's own. If not, then treating it as an air sac rupture like you mentioned would be appropriate.

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