Odd Mystery Egg


9 Years
Jun 9, 2010
Western Mt. Valley in Maine
Found this mystery egg on the floor of the coop today. It had a dark reddish brown shell, a clear "yolk", was about the size of a large marble, and more round than egg shaped. I believe the scratch marks are from the chickens pecking it or walking on it. No idea who laid it or whether it was from one of the brahma hens or one of the Easter Egger pullets.

How dark are your Brahma's eggs? I don't know for sure that a hen wouldn't have laid it, but it seems like most abnormalities occur with pullets. Although Easter Eggers usually have the green egg gene, they can lay colors other than green. Wish I had a definitive answer for you...it might just remain a mystery.
Agree with first post....'fart' egg. When a hen first starts to lay, sometimes things aren't quite right for a little while. She'll get the hang of it. I love those first funny eggs! You never know where they are gonna lay them and they are so tiny and weird. Fart is a good description. It is as if they think they were just gonna fart, so they hide in the corner to sneak one out and 'oops' out pops an egg. Probably as weird for them to lay it, as it was for you to find it!!!
One of my buff Brahma hens laid a few dark brown eggs when she first started laying. Her eggs have since lightened up to a color more commonly associated with Brahmas.

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