Odd Posture


10 Years
Jun 29, 2009
One of my BO hens, Lilly, has for a while been walking kind of funny. All the other hens bend over and peck the ground with their fuzzy butts in the air. Lilly looks like she is in a "squat" posture, with her tail down. When she walks it is more upright than the others. I have to lift her on to a roost every night - it's only about a foot and a half high, because she can't get up there herself. She lays an egg on the ground almost every day and eats and drinks and poops just fine. I haven't seen the rooster at her lately, but he used to romance her quite a bit. She used to roost on top of the nest boxes, but I blocked those off, because my birds are all pretty big and I didn't want them jumping that far any more. She started having these troubles a couple of months ago. Any thoughts?


Dances with Chickens
10 Years
Feb 24, 2009
Strasburg Ohio
Hmmm are you sure she lays an egg every day? Does she sort of walk like a penguin? I've always heard that's a sign of being egg bound, but if she's laying.....I'm not sure.

Somebody will come along shortly with help,


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