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Discussion in 'Quail' started by GuineaFowling, Nov 12, 2014.

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    One of my cot hens is ill. She is puffed up and a clear discharge is coming from her eyes and nostrils. She holds her head up with her eyes closed and swallows. I picked her up and she was really light and then a brown liquid poured out of her mouth. It had a strong unbearable stench. I have never seen an illness like this and she just got ill out of the blue. I have her separated the other quail are not showing any symptoms. Should I put sulmet or duramycin in her water. I believe she does drink water as I found her standing next to the water dish. What could she have? Has anyone experienced a quail with these symptoms?
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    May 28, 2012
    could it be a soured crop? sounds just awful. sorry
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    Sorry you have a sick quail. How was she housed before you separated her? Did she have access to the ground? With the smell and brown liquid coming out of her mouth it does seem like sour crop, but with the eye and nose discharge it may be something more, maybe multiple things going on. Are her eyes swollen at all or just watery?
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    No, I have not had chickens since I got quail.

    It turned out that she does not have discharge from eyes and nostrils, I believe it was water since it never returned after drying. I think the illness is sour crop as well but none of my birds have ever had sour crop so I am unfamiliar with the illness. I massaged her crop and allowed the liquid to drain. She often shakes her head and brown mucus or something comes out and it is just awful smelling. I fed her water, yogurt, and a acv mixture through a needless syringe but half of the stuff goes to waste since she is not eating it and just shakes her head and lets it fly everywhere. She was doing a lot better but this morning I found her on her side and she cant stand up on her own. What should I feed her to give her energy and to cure sour crop if it is sour crop?

    I hate to see her suffer so if she doesnt improve even slightly within a day or two I feel it is best to put her out of her misery so I will have her taken to the vet to be put down.
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    Sorry about your bird. This does sound like sour crop. First thing you need to do is get her under a heat lamp. Cold birds don't heal well.

    The crop's good bacteria is out of balance and she now has a yeast/fungal infection.

    You will need to get this gunk out of her crop. You are going to Vomit her. So hold her with both hands, one pressing on her crop, beak forward and lean her forward, beak all the way down. Put pressure on her crop. The MOMENT the gunk starts to come up, count to 2 and then lean her back upright. Any longer in this position and she can aspirate. Give her a moment to catch her breath and do this again. Get as much out of her as you can, but you will never get it all.

    You will need to get some probiotics in her water. Human grade will work well if you don't have poultry probiotics. If you are using the human grade stuff, empty the capsule into a 1 quart plastic waterer, dispose of the empty capsule and fill the container with water. You will need to change this every day and make a new batch. If she is unable to drink right now, dip her beak into the water.

    Feed her only warmed chopped up hard boiled eggs for several days. There is enough nutrition in these to keep her alive for quite a long time. No hard foods what so ever. You can also put some plain yogurt on these eggs for the probiotics. (the probiotics will get the balance of good bacteria back into the crop to rid her of this yeast infection.)

    Vomit her each morning. I don't like to do this during the day as the bird needs to eat and drink. Keep her separated from the others and under a heat lamp. Eggs to eat only, probiotics in her water.

    Here is an article I wrote for treating larger poultry, but it still holds true with quail...https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/a-crop-story

    Good luck with her and if she does get to the point of suffering, it is best to put her down.
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