Odd things your chickens have found

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    Correze, France
    I live in the Correze in central France, which is relevant to this story. Going out out at dusk the other day to chivvy slackers to their roost I spotted something by the fence separating the field from the vegetable garden. This is a favourite haunt for the girls to stare longingly at all the green stuff just out of reach. The object was a coin sticking out of the mud. Hoping it might be a euro, reckoning it was probably a franc, I picked it up. It was old and light and very dirty but a bit of spit and polish showed a number 50. Fifty centimes, perhaps. I cleaned the other side of dirt: there was an eagle - and a swastika.
    The Germans were here during the war, there are monuments to their activities all over the region, so I wonder if this was a sign of occupation or was lost in passing or perhaps it was in possession of the old owners of the house.

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    Cool, I hope it's valuable. Very interesting at any rate. Does it have a date?

    My house is 110 years old and there was another house here the predated this one by probably 40 years or so. Unusual for the United States but over the years apparently they used the back of the property as a dump. Most of what the chickens have dug up is broken glass but they also turned up about 8 interesting old bottles.
    Every month or two I walk through with a trash can and pick up all the glass and metal that has surfaced.
    I'm still waiting for the gold coins.

    When I moved here I bought a high quality metal detector. It is worthless because there isn't a spot on the property that doesn't have metal of some kind underground.

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