Odd waterhose observation concerning freezing.


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Nov 3, 2007
It got down to 26 last nite. When I went to feed and change my water I could not get any water through the hose. I have two hoses hooked together and noticed water spraying at the connection between the two. My green hose was froze solid but once I unhooked it from yellow hose before it I had all the pressure in the world. Is this a freak thing? Difference in materials making yellow hose insulate better? Does the yellow hose just soak in the sun better? I want to get to the bottom of this because if this is not a freak thing and yellow hoses are less likely to freeze or thaw quicker I will switch. Any ideas?


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Jan 25, 2007
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The yellow hose you have probably was able to absorb a wider spectrum of light and thus heated up and prevented from freezing or thawed a bit before you found it? Could have been more insulated but if it was out all night, maybe that part was closer to your house, curled up and thus a bit warmer as a thin tube of water no matter how insulated will probably freeze if it was held at 26F over night. Or maybe a cat slept on it?

If you run water though black pipes in the summer and circulate it all day, you can use it as a heat sink to keep the house warm at night. A black pipe under a pile of snow will melt the surrounding soil a bit.

It is interesting. As a fun test, can you switch the green and the yellow hose locations and leave it out over night again? See if the yellow is clear and the green is hard?

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