Oddball or immature?


12 Years
Jan 4, 2008
vancouver island
I have one hen that doesn't seem to fit in with the rest. They all came at the same time so it's not like she's an addition. Her markings are not the same exactly as the other ISA browns, she appears to be almost all brown, where the others all have some lighter buff colored feathers.

Whenever I let the hens out into the run in the morning, five out of the six go about scratching for worms, and doing the usual chicken things. The oddball seems to stand and watch, doesn't get into the digging around. If another hen comes close to her, she runs away as if in terror. There is no sign of her being pecked at. The others will occasionally make a half hearted attempt at it, usually if she is where the other bird wants to be.

I figured that this must be the low bird on the totem pole, but I see that this is not the case when it comes to the roosting order. She sits about mid pack.

She is not laying yet, and still has the pink, not red, comb and wattles, so I figured maybe she is a tad younger? Two others are still at that stage as well though..

Is she just immature, or does she have a mental problem.:| These darn birds sure make me laugh some times....


12 Years
Jul 30, 2007
Where she sits on the roost, the middle, means that some of the birds are in a higher ranking than she is. Do all of the birds scare her or do only some? I dont think she is a oddball or immature, its just that the birds on the top of the pecking order might just push her around.

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