Oddest hatch ever... early chicks . late chicks.. and a sad experience


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Sep 15, 2010
I set a few sets of eggs in multiple incubators with all eggs dated and my phone set to let me know which eggs should be hatching when.

I had some that hatched on time from the 10th, a few that were set on the 14th that hatched almost a week early in the turning trays and then when I went to check out what I thought were the last of the dead ones from both sets found out the hard way that 2 were still alive in the shells and had not even absorbed the yolk. ( I like to check to see what babies are from which chickens as I don't pen separately) This was pretty darn upsetting because I have seen plenty of dead chicks afterwards but not being able to do anything to save these poor babies really was awful. I ended up putting the whole tray right back into the big incubator and will just leave them in lockdown until they hatch out or 25 days have passed.

Anyone else have this happen to them ? I swear that I saw no movement when I candled... I guess I should just wait it out for a bit longer but due to the early hatchers I honestly figured that they would all be duds by this point.
I am so sorry. I have heard of it happening but I have been fortunate and never found out personally. That is one reason I will not do staggered hatches...it is just not worth it to me to chance.
I'm understanding hatches in different incubators..not staggered hatching in one bator...correct??

What kind of bators are you using? What kind of thermometor/hygrometer are you using & are they calibrated? Did you candle?

Early hatch = temps too high
Late hatch = temps too low

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