Odds and ends for sale or trade Nw. Missouri.

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  1. houndit

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    Jul 13, 2008
    Braymer Missouri
    I have some odds and ends left over after I filled My incubators and orders.
    I am currently sold out of eastereggers but have several of my other breeds. I would like to offer an assortment consisting of 2 white holland turkey eggs,2 lavendar guinea eggs, 2 pearl guinea eggs, 4 muscovy eggs, and 3 speckled sussex eggs. I will try to include a couple extras. Let me know what you will give me for them or what you have to trade. I might be interested in silkies, polish? I am looking for some bronze turkey eggs. Maybe eastereggers, sumatras????? Let me know what you have. I am sort of picky so please do not feel bad if I do not want what you have. Oh! I am interested in possibly getting a few welsummers. It does not have to be an even trade. I can send you eggs and money if you have something I want , or You can send eggs and money. I will except paypal only on this particular sale.

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