OE feather sexable?!!

Feb 17, 2021
Somewhere down in Texas
Hello y’all!

I hatched some eggs and 2 were OEs. I Believe they are BCM x EE, but not really sure. I have 2 chicks, and they are both feathering at different rates. Here are the pictures. Any ideas if they are a male and female? :)

Chick 1 (fast feathering) 4D65C902-1C1C-497D-B164-70D5E07066C9.jpeg 338C100A-8028-472E-B914-C53FA1E1E98B.jpeg 7EBB5DD4-8129-4B73-8934-0A5C81DFC068.jpeg

Chick 2 (Slow feathering)
7E5B6FFF-CA40-4A40-8A73-FBB4BDA397C6.jpeg DE96E301-56EA-4FCA-A94C-CEFA28ABE25A.jpeg 3D4B18F1-34E6-4C79-BFED-8632D7EC6D9E.jpeg


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May 31, 2018
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Post pics of combs and wattles at 6-8 weeks. I will not try to wing sex anything that hasn't been proven to be wing sexed accurately.
I have actually with my EE/Brahma crosses.

Sexed them as 4 males, & 6 Females, & was correct.
Males were slow feathering, & the Females were Fast Feathering.

Planning on making an article explaining the process of how I wing feather sex different breeds, & crosses as soon as I can get around to it. I may try next year.

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