OE hen crossed to Orpington Roo

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  1. chickspea

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    Mar 30, 2015
    I have an OE hen that lays beautiful eggs. Unfortunately I have two roosters over the hens, one GCM and one Lemon Cuckoo Orpington (kids favorite).
    I hope the baby I just hatched is a cross between the OE and GCM, but what will I get if it is the Lemon Cuckoo Orpington?
    Is it considered an EE or something else?
    What egg color can I expect?

    Just curious :), first ever hatch and very exciting :).
  2. CascadiaRiver

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    Dec 12, 2014
    Pacific Northwest
    What are the abbreviated breeds? XD Sorry I just can't seem to wrap my mind around it, is the OE and Old English? I might be able to help, and at the very least with the egg colour I am just so puzzled on the breeds XD
  3. chickspea

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    Mar 30, 2015
    OE is Olive Egger, and mine is a cross between a Black/Blue Copper Maran and a Black/Blue/Splash Ameraucana, based on what the breeder had and how she looks..
    In any case, she looks exactly like a Blue Ameraucana, and the egg color is some very deep olive green. I wanted to cross her with the Black Copper rooster for even darker olive color, but the breeder, in addition to her chicks, shared with us a nasty thread of Marek's, too, which killed most of the birds I purchased from her (and some more).

    I keep fingers crossed that the father is the Golden Cuckoo Maran (GCM) and the babies might produce nice eggs, too.
    In any case, the chicks look exactly like their Olive Egger mom looked as a baby :), except their butts are yellow :).
    The eggs look like the ones in the pic: the OE and the light cream color is the Lemon Cuckoo Orpington's (worst case scenario mix..). Unfortunately my GCM hen died in the same Marek's flare, so I can't compare the OE+GCM egg color possibilities..

  4. CrazyTalk

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    Jun 10, 2014
    If it ends up with the blue egg gene, its an Easter Egger. If it doesn't, its a barnyard mix/colored layer, etc.

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