OEG Rooster


11 Years
Mar 14, 2008
I decided to keep the roo that loves me since Gravy got killed. This is the only roo out of all my babies that I can't get off me. I have to grab him to get him off me and if I don't walk out quickly he's on my shoulder or head...hahaha. I also kept the brassy back OEG girl and all 4 of the OEG/MF mixes.

The poor guy got beat up by my black OEG hen the 1st day. She didn't even care about the new girls.

Here he is chllin on my arm. The pic is fuzzy b/c he kept moving closer.


Here he is on top of the doghouse showing off how handsome he is....next to him is the brassy back girl. She's gotten really pretty.

Thanks:) Gotta think of a name now. All my banties have food names....Bisqit, Hashbrown, Caramel, Toffee..haha

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