OEGB hen, standard rooster...

Ruby Rogue

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Mar 31, 2020
Atlantic Canada
I'm going to hatch some eggs in the spring but what I'm wondering beforehand is:

What if my standard rooster happened to breed with the OEGB hens? They do have OEGB roosters, but I've witnessed my big rooster 'trying' to breed. I know he can hurt her, but if he happened to be successful, will the chicks in the eggs be too big? I might have to separate in the future if there's any other issues (right now big roo usually sticks to big girls)...

Whaddaya think?

Lady of McCamley

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Mar 19, 2011
NW Oregon
No. The chicks in the eggs will be just right. What you will get is a hybrid size between the 2 birds.

I've had very successful breedings between bantam Cochins and my Barnevelder standard rooster. Very pretty 3/4 size birds.

So as long as your standard is gentle with the bantams breeding, you'll get a hybrid size from the OEGB egg....chick will start out small like all OEGB chicks but will grow to a 3/4 size bird. They may become your favorite hybrids.


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