OEGB/ko shamo cross

I've seen pics of Serama/Ko crosses, would be similar. Would ruin the KO practically forever, very hard to get the high tail bred down again. Cross would be hard feathered, with a high tail and red eyes, w/ white legs and a pea/cushion comb, but larger. Won't be as upright.
I HAVE ONE! … Well sorta, not a KoShamo but a regular sized one. (ko's are the bantam version right? Ko in japanese means "child" so I'm assuming it would be the "chibi niwatori" or small chicken… ANYWAYS

My little chick is an ShamoXOEGB
Her daddy is a Shamo and her mother an OEGB… I don't want to think how that happened.


This is the chick. She's got a pea comb from her daddy I'd suppose. It hatched weak but that was probably because the hen got off too soon but I helped her out and now she's my little baby. This pic was taken today.
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You really got to keep me updated with pics, I would love to see how the chick looks as its growing. It is very difficult finding any type of shamo here where I live, half the people I have asked have never heard of them
Sure no problem!

I got the egg she hatched from a friend of mine who has a bunch of Shamo. I think all his roosters are. I only happened to get one OEGB egg from I'm and I lucked out big time that it hatched.

And sure I'll keep you up with pics. I've noticed she perks her little tail up a lot (watch this end up a rooster I'm calling a she xD) especially when (s)he's rolling my hand. This chick is really tiny, half the size of the other birds that hatched. They already look like Shamo's, long and stretchy and broad. But I have no clue what their moms are (except one is an EE).

I'll subscribe to this topic and post every few days. ^^ I'm interested to see what this is going to turn into as well.

I saw the roosters, they're gorgeous and red. And I'm guessing the OEGB is a partridge hen but I didn't see the hen so I can't be certain.
Apologies for intruding, but HetaChick that is a GREAT photo! You must have a killer camera setup to get a quality closeup like that, of a living subject.
I have a Canon Power Shot SX120 IS, but my chick will stay still if you hold her. I have pics of here standing alone :


But it was harder because she kept walking up to the camera and walking around to cuddle with my hand. It was chilly outside too so I didn't want to get her chilled. Thank you though! She's pretty camera friendly… she got right up in it several times but it was too close to focus haha. My other hen and chicks are harder to catch because (besides my hen) they aren't tame to me.
Just saying, Ko Shamo are not the bantam version of the large Shamo, but are a true bantam without a counterpart. They also have different combs.
If I remember right Ko Shamo means Miniature Game Cock. Also as cubakid said the Ko Shamo isn't a bantam version of Shamo.

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