OEGB losing feathers on back of neck- picture!


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Nov 11, 2010
She is 6 mos. old and recently started laying. She had a small bald spot when I got her but it has gotten larger, and I am afraid will continue. I use sevin dust and there don't seem to be any lice or mites or anything upon inspection. Does anyone know what is going on?! Thank you for any help!

I've had hens in breeding pens that get to looking like that from the roosters but her back doesn't show signs of being ridden so I think you can rule that out. How long have you had her? She may not be fitting in well with the others and getting picked on.
Hi, is she reaching through wire somewhere to eat something? Sometimes if they repeatedly reach through their cage wire to eat grass, etc... they can wear the feathers off in that spot..
I have had her for about 3 weeks- she was in a small cage with a rooster and 3 other hens when I got her- I have two of the hens but the other one isn't missing any feathers. Both are laying now. They're the only two in my flock and the other one isn't pecking. It is possible but unlikely that she is putting her head through the wire. When I first got her I saw that there was a little band of feathers missing around her neck and assumed that once she was here she would quickly recover with the sevin dust, vitamin water and much more comfortable and larger coop. But it has gotten worse, and I can't figure it out. I am afraid it will get worse yet. Thank you for your advice- maybe someone else has another idea, or maybe they know what I can do. I am giving the vitamins in their water, feeding them egg maker crumbles and some cracked corn and worms. They are both happy and silly and fun. I just can't figure it out. Thanks again
Well she IS getting pecked by her only coop-mate. I saw it myself yesterday and actually tried to post here but I received an error message saying too many people were in the forum.
I suppose I will have to separate them before it gets worse or infected. I can't believe it. It seems like it's over one spot in the coop, she is being picked on for one small tiny space where I have found the eggs they have layed. Help!

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