OEGB mama adopted all of them!! pics!!


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Dec 1, 2008
Long Prairie, MN
I had an OEGB that hatched out 6 chicks. The same day I hatched out 12 in the incubator. I fixed a little corner in the chicken coop to brood my 12. Gave them food and water and then thought I'd put mama and her babies in there so they could have the chick starter also. I figured I'd watch close to make sure the mama didn't pick on the other babies. Not only didn't she pick on them, she adopted them all!

Here they are the first day:

First day outside:

Keeping them all warm:

Every one is under but...

Checking things out:

Boiled eggs are the best!!


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12 Years
Apr 20, 2007
only the shadow knows.....
AWESOME!! Friend of mine hatched out some of my Bobwhite eggs under her broody OEG. Lil' Kim is raising up the babies with no problems at all.

As my friend said, How come animals with their differences can accept each other, but people can not?

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