OEGB or Dutch? Color?


9 Years
Jul 3, 2010
Quitman, Texas
A man sold me three chicks which were yellow-ish blue in color. Well, four actually, but we had a casualty. I do not know if they are OE bantams or dutch. Is there a way to tell at this age? Also, he showed me some OE birds he said were rare that were self blue in color with white polka dots all over them. Very pretty. It was not white lacing, and there were no other colors on them. Anyway, he said it was possible that these chicks were from eggs hatched from that pen. At present these chicks are developing feathers without spotting. He also had self blue dutch and also lemon blue OE, I believe. He was not sure what he sold me. Any ideas what these are?



The blue with white dots sounds like Pearl OE. The are harder to find unless you get hatchery stock. As for the chicks you bought, it is very hard to tell at this age. I have never seen a dutch as a chick. And the most distinguishing feature for a dutch is the white earlobe. Sorry!

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