OEGB with cracked beak


12 Years
Oct 6, 2007
Montpelier Ohio
I have a OEG Roo who is 23 weeks old I notice a few days ago his beak is cracked. He is an absolutely beautiful bird! My daughter took him to the fair this year and the judge even told her he shows great potential for next years fair. He seems to be eating and drinking just fine but Im not sure if I need to do something for him or if it will heal on its own? He doesnt seem to act like hes in pain. He is in a cage that has ply-board and mesh flooring, the feeder is metal and the waterer is plastic.
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11 Years
Jun 20, 2008
Henry County Kentucky
I'm just taking a wild guess here. If you cracked your nail how would you treat it? Especially if you had to "use" it on a daily basis?
Chances are it will eventually rejoin as the beak grows out, but I would isure that scenario by oilling with olive or safflower oil to keep it more pliable if he strikes it against something again, And just like your fingernail, I'd file the outer sides down slightly ever other day or so to keep it from being pulled or knocked apart any further.
Just think of what you'd do to keep a hangnail from constantly catching on things.. Good Luck!

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