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    Dec 14, 2007
    I've got a wonderful lil bichon frise, they are are small white puffy show dogs. Mine is a little over 2 years old and had never seen a chicken until about one month ago. At first she was really agressive and liked to chase the birds. That was our perception of her behavior at that point, after about a week of supervised visits with the chickens on a leash, we let the dog go, and desided to watch them carefully, but leave them be.

    I wish i had a digital camcorder to show you guys video feed of this. All that agressive chasing looks threatening and dangerous, but after about an hour, the dog had rounded up every last chicken into their pen. I was amazed, my dog, with little to no prior experience with any livestock, acting on some old genetic trait, corraled 16 chickens.

    Some people here might be more familiar with this sort of thing, but being a city boy new to farm life, and having a dog that aside from being beautiful and lovable was useless, this is like winning the lottery to me.

    If i can find the cable for my camera I'll post a couple of pics.

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