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Apr 21, 2017
I have a new pair of 12 week old legbars. One was slightly quiet and slept more when first brought home but I have now noticed that she's having trouble walking, she's very off balance and wobbly. She prefers to sit down on her hocks. I've checked both feet and legs and can't see any obvious injuries or deformaties and she can only lightly grip my fingers with her toes. She's eating lots and drinking well and seems to have normal droppings. I don't think it's anything infectious as the other is fine and the breeder has never seen anything like it and all her chickens are healthy. Could it be a vitamin deficiency or perhaps she's hurt herself trying to perch? They're being fed a growers pellet and some mixed corn at the moment.
Any ideas welcome thanks.
Get some vitamin B complex tablets and crush or grate 1/4 tablet daily in some food such as cooked egg or wet feed. Any source of riboflavin or B2 will do. If it is a riboflavin deficiency, it should respond in a week or two, unless it has been going on too long. Stop the scratch and only feed her the grower feed. Does she eat the pellets well? You can also feed some made wet with water. Hopefully, this is a vitamin deficiency, and not an early sign of Mareks disease. Some bone deformities can affect the spine and can cause lameness from pressure on the leg nerves.

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