Off-Balance Rooster what could it be

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  1. limpychick

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    Apr 20, 2008
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    My neighbor has a VERY large rooster that lost all his hens to a predator, so he came over to woo some of my girls. I have a Very SMAll Cuckoo D'anver roo that tried to tell this big man to go away. I wasn't there, but my boarder was and said she heard them fighting and when she got to them, the big one was on my little Dusty. He wouldn't move at all after she got the big guy off. So, I gave him a vitamin boost and put him in a crate to let him rest. When I checked on him, a few hours later, he seemed fine, was talking and crowing, so I let him out. But when I saw his gait, I knew something was still wrong. He walks very stiff legged, and can't run, or he loses his balance and falls over. I have looked all over for wounds, punctures, (the big guy had 2 inch spurs), but can find nothing at all. The only thing I can think of is that his back is hurt due to the size of this roo. Has this ever happened to any of your chickens, and will he get better? Any advice on what to do? I have put him up again, so he won't get hurt, but he is my only cuckoo D'anver roo, and he is so pretty and good to his girls, I don't want to lose him. My daughter was crying at dinner and prayed for him to "not die" She is so sad.
    Thank you so much in advance...
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  2. SpeckledHills

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    I think it's a good idea for you to keep him penned for a while so he rests as much as possible. I'd keep him well-fed with nutritious foods, and continue to pray for him. I'm sorry the other roo attacked and glad the boarder got him rescued. I hope he recovers [​IMG]
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    Not good... but keep him locked up and give him good food and water with vitamins.
  4. vetgirl00us

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    Sounds like he got wopped in the head by that big rooster. Give him some time and see if he comes around. He may have a little "roo" concussion.
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    Oh dear, I have a very similar issue except a roo did this to one of our hens while mating.

    I think there are two choices, Keep him confined inside and feed him treats and maybe vitamins. Polyvisol has a lot of Vitamin B in it that is good for neurological issues.

    The other is to take him to the vet if you have one that treats chickens. I have had ours inside for a day and a half now, I think she has hurt her leg/wing badly and there is not much improvement yet. She can only take about 3-4 steps before she kind of collapses. I think I will keep her inside for a few more days and if no immprovement take her in.

    Let us know how it goes.


    I noticed tonight while petting her that she has kind of a bump on the back of her head. I'm going to check the other chickens to make sure they have the same thing. I'm pretty sure it's her leg/hip/wing but you never know.
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    Well, this happened Saturday morning. It is now Monday morning and there really isn't any change. He can stand and crow, but is still walking stiff legged and loses his balance if he moves too quickly and if he tries to groom himself. Thank you all for your replies, sounds like I am on the right track.

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