Off To Feed Store!


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9 Years
Mar 22, 2010
Sacramento CA
I am headed to the feed store in a moment to see if they have any 'leftover' chicks from the last Thursday shipment. If not I will go back tomorrow and get just shipped babies, but hopefully they will have some. I will be getting SLW and other breeds left.

I am getting 3 SLW (keeping 1) and I have NO idea what the other breed will be. I am going between EE, RIR, or another Barred Rock. I guess I will see who jumps out at me! Will be getting 3 or the mystery breed and keeping 1 of those as well. Adding 2 hens to my flock
Poor Munk and Joon have NO idea they will be acquiring new sisters soon haha. I am very excited, and have my first week brooder set up for them. I have to buy a few things though, like one more feeder, and I need a big 3 gallon waterer because my teens keep knocking their tiny waterers over lol. I also am getting chick food, annnnd... Another heat bulb in case my current one burns out finally. It has lasted SO long though!! 5 weeks on nonstop and is still going strong.

YAY FOR NEW CHICKY BO BO'S!!!! Now.. I have a question.. Should I wash my hands after handling the NEW babies before I handle my older girls? Thanks for any input

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