Off to the Farm


In the Brooder
8 Years
May 19, 2011
Coventry, RI
We had to separate our 10 week old roo from the pullets. He was harrassing them. As soon as we separated him, he stopped crowing and went back to the very cute little meeps, peeps and chirps. He seemed really lonely. As we can not have roosters where we are, we found him a home on a large chicken farm. Hope he leads a long, happy, rooster life. It is bitter sweet. He was beautiful.
Gosh, I totally feel your pain. We bought four sexed pullets late last year and just couldn't understand why one was twice the size of the others. And wouldn't eat and stood back and let the other three eat in front. And then started growing these beautiful saddle feathers. Sigh. At that point, we were all so attached.

Gave him to someone who is allowed to have roosters who already had two other chickens. But still miss him every day.

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