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    So 5000%: free range and rotated is the best way to cut down on stink. Somehow I let myself be backed into a corner and built a mostly permanent pig pen, it will have moveable electric, but a home base that doesn't move (I SWEAR I'M GETTING TO CHICKENS!) Which two weeks in, I hate myself for. Because I had a good plan and was talked out of it. ANYWAY. They were in our chicken tractor for a month, and never stank at all. Now the odor is really starting to turn into something. I am researching ideas for extreme odor control that are cheap or free (Because I can't imagine how much PDZ it would take for the next 4 months!)

    First, it occurs to me that I should just shovel the poop & straw over their fence into a little compost pile & throw scratch in it & let the chickens turn it and eat the flies & fly larvae. So far, so good. The chickens are participating, we will see how that goes. The tiny white silkies are the most enthusiastic about getting into a pile of poop of course!

    Looking into long term solutions I found Fermented Plant Juice. Is this insane? Here are the instructions:

    • Pick plant material you wish to use early in morning before plant loses nutrient values to photosynthesis.
    • Any green plant / vegetation will be fine to use: We tend to use Chinese water vegetable which grows wild and is readily available but plants like banana sprout, young bamboo etc. can also be used.
    • Chop plant up into very small pieces
    • Add half plant material to a container and line with half the sugar
    • Add remaining half and add remaining sugar
    • Compress with weight on top (a bag filled with water is very effective)
    • Quantity: 7kg plant material to 3 kg sugar
    • Leave for 8-10 days
    • Drain and collect the juice – this is now your fermented plant juice solution (FPJ)
    • When ready to apply to bedding add approximately 2 spoons of FPJ to 10 liter of water
    • Pour via watering can onto the pig pen bedding (and then continue to add to the flooring on weekly basis)

    Just this small addition of FPJ will stimulate high indigenous micro-organism development and activity sufficient to rapidly break down any excrement and keep the bed healthy and smell free.

    Here is the website it came from if you want to see what else they have going on (including another ferment recipe):

    We also purchased a nematode blend off of Amazon to hopefully kill the next generation of flies, while the chickens and I are busy killing the current flies.

    So anyway, fermented plant juice as a solution for odor control? Anyone have any thoughts on the science behind this? It seems to come from somewhere more tropical, and considerably less North Carolina, but maybe it is worth a shot?

    I thought this might be good info for chicken poop as well. But let me tell you, poop from two pigs puts 100 Cornish Cross TO SHAME! ha!

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