Ended Official BYC 12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-Along! - Guess How Many Eggs Will Hatch? Contest

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12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-along!
Guess How Many Eggs Will Hatch?
Give us your best guess on how many eggs set by all BYCers participating in this hatch-along will hatch. Have the closest guess and you win! It includes ALL eggs, whether they are chicken, duck, goose, turkey, quail, emus, etc.

This year there were 452 eggs set for the 12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-along!, how many of those are going to hatch?

To enter your guess, post in this thread with your guess of how many eggs will hatch.

  1. All entries must be submitted/posted to this thread.
  2. Check this Google spreadsheet, and/or search this thread to see if your guess has been chosen already.
  3. One guess per member, please - NO EDITS.
  4. If you want to lock in a specific number, post it before anybody else.
  5. If the number you chose has been taken and you want to guess again, please post a new message, do NOT edit or delete your original guess. All edited posts will be disqualified.
  6. Open to all BYC members except staff & VPMs. Staff & VPMs may enter for fun but are not eligible for prizes.
  7. All BYC rules apply: Terms of Service (Rules)
  8. The contest stops accepting entries on December 12/31/2020
  9. at 11:59 AM.

The Prize is the beautiful BYC 2021 Calendar!
2021-calendar-draft-02 (1)_Page_01.jpg
2021-calendar-draft-02 (1)_Page_28.jpg
The calendar is available to winners that reside in the United States. If the winners are outside of the United States, they will be awarded a 1-month PFM instead. Limit one prize per member per contest.

If you have not joined the NYD Hatch-a-long, please join us here:
12th Annual 2021 New Year's Day Hatch-along!

If you would like to purchase a beautiful BYC 2021 Calendar, see this thread: 2021 Calendars are here! Free US Shipping!
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