Official BYC Scavenger Hunt - New thread! Win a 6mth GFM! ENDED - congrats winners!!!!!!!!!!!


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Aug 26, 2011
The "scav" is a sort of ongoing trivia hunt. It may go on for one month or three, depending on how long it takes to get enough participants to rack up significant points for a GFM or two to be awarded.

Here's how it works:
1) One person posts an item to hunt for in the forums. Example: "What is the link to the "nesting box" page in the Learning Center?
2) The first person that finds and posts the correct answer (example: ) wins a point and gets to post the next item to be hunted... BUT ONLY AFTER their answer has been confirmed correct!

The answer can be confirmed by either the original asker, or by either me or Lothiriel. This way people can play and then go away on vacation and nobody has to wait for a confirmation. For this reason, we ask that each time you ask a question you PM one, or preferably both, of us with the answer.

4) If an answer is confirmed correct, but the person who answered it correctly hasn't posted a new question in 12 hours, anyone can ask a new question.
5) If the poster of a question has not confirmed an answer or sent us a PM, in 12 hours anyone can ask a new question.

6) At the end of each month, we'll tally all the points and the member with the most points wins a free 6 month GFM!

1) Questions / answers must be BYC related and links to BYC
2) To make sure many people get a chance to play, a member can't answer a question a second time until TWO different people have posted questions/answers. So, if you answer a question and get a point and then post your question, you need to wait for TWO others to get points before you can answer another question.
3) Post a new question ONLY AFTER your answer is confirmed correct.
4) Try to think of questions that aren't too easy, but that also aren't too difficult for others to find.
5) Make sure the questions have a specific and single answer
Bad Example: "Link to a thread about someone's chicken hatching eggs"
Good Example: "Find the thread with detailed instructions on how to run a successful chicken group meeting"
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