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    You may have seen my last memorial page posted a year ago when I lost my dearest hen Ellie. I have decided, after so many people added to that page, that BYC needs a memorial page, because nearly all chicken owners lose a dear friend here and there and those chickens should be recognized and remembered for the impression they made in our lives as great companions and living things. If you would like to be added to this memorial page, please PM me or make a post in this forum in the following format;

    In loving memory of:

    Hen's Name Short Memorial Sentence Years Alive Smiley
    Chicken's Name "Good Friend" 2010-2012 [​IMG]

    It should include their name, a sentence that describes their personality best, the years they were alive, and a smiley that describes their personality. When You post or PM it I will add it to the official chart below. PMs will get on the chart faster, although posts are still welcome.

    the Official Chicken Memorial Page

    Remembering the great Hens and Roosters that were once part of our flock, and are now part of God's Flock. Please pray for these precious souls that have embarked from our coops to a greater place.

    Hen's Name Short Memorial Sentence Years Alive Smiley
    Ellie "One tough Hen" 2012-2012 [​IMG]

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    Hen's Name Short Memorial Sentence Years Alive Smiley

    Bella Blue-Eyed Cannonball Beauty 2012-2013 [​IMG](because she used to run around the yard like a cannonball that's had to much coffee)
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