Official Contest: Worst Chicken Molt Pictures - Winner!


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Okay, it's that time of year again where our birds start their metamorphosis into... well, okay, they don't turn into anything, but it sure is interesting to see them go through their molting process and leaving feathers all over the place!

The contest is simple: Post pictures of your birds in the worst part of their molt. Once we're past the molting season our esteemed panel of judges will pick a looser... er... winner!

The winner will receive a free 12 month GFM for themselves or a friend.

The rules are simple too:

1) Must be your chicken
2) Must be a picture taken THIS YEAR, so probably within the last few weeks and over the next couple months (depending on your climate, birds, etc.)

Good luck to you and your ugly chickens!

(here is a example... not an entry because this is from our hen a few years ago)

Contest ends Ends 1/17/2011 !!


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My girls are slow molters
so they don't look too rough. But I KNOW some folks on here have some nearly naked butt ugly looking chickens right now, and we'd love to see them


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Aug 25, 2010
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I took this pic last week of my poor Frizzle Bantam Polish gold lace hen.
Her back is bald, part of her neck is bald, and she looks motley!!
Raggedy Ann (I named her Maggie, but my barn owner renamed her)
1.5 yrs old
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