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    Mar 13, 2009
    Okay as many of you can guess there are a lot of people out there incubating and hatching eggs. So I decided to make this thread for newborns or unhatched. First off here are the guidelines..

    Post the following......

    First post your pictures/video like so....A nice caption would be nice too!

    This is my egg on about the tenth day.

    My ducks candling!

    Then add this template.

    1. What species? [Ducks]
    2. What breed if available? [Mallard and Pekins]
    3. What day are you on or when did they hatch? [About Day 10]
    4. Is this your first hatch? [YES]
    5. What do you plan to feed them? [Chick Starter]
    6. What is your primary use for them? [Pets]
    7. How many are you hatching? [4]
    8. Any difficulties, tips, questions or comments?
    [I was concerned about a temperature spike however, I think things turned out okay.]
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