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Ok, so, sort version. Breeder pigs, my parents got THE virus, hospital stay for Thing 1 (he’s fine now), kids are growing up too fast.

Breeder pigs:
We are getting a trio of American Guinea Hog breeders! The lady I’ve been getting my barrows from is getting out of farming. They’ve sold their farm and she offered me her breeders for $450. $650 after all the premier 1 fences and other equipment she is selling to us. The past few days we’ve been setting up a 12’x28” carport to house the pigs on deep bedding over the winter. We’ll be getting the pigs on Sunday. I’ll post pics when done with the build and the piggies are here.

A while back, not sure exactly when, my mom came down with Covid. My dad got it too. It knocked her hard. She still isn’t completely better. We avoided catching it or had it so mildly that we didn’t notice.

Thing 1 was acting a bit sick last week. So we didn’t let my mom take him to church that Wednesday night. Thursday, he comes to me and says his tummy hurts. Now when he says something hurts, it’s really hurting him. So I had him lay down and point to where it hurt. He pointed to his lower right abdomen. I pushed on the area and be flinched and guarded the area. Bad sign. DH took him to the ER and they thought it was mild appendicitis that might clear on its own but they wanted to watch him overnight to make sure. So that night, results came back that he had a rhino/enterovirus, which can cause the lower abdominal pain. So glad he didn’t need surgery and he has the all clear now. The virus worked its way through the rest of the household and we are recovering now.

The Milk Drinker is crawling all over the place and is now confidently pulling up on things. Thing 2 has his two year molars coming in, all 4 at once, and is a fussy, whiny, crank monster. DH is teaching Thing 1 how to read and he is enjoying it. Obligatory pics.

Milk Drinker playing with another baby at church. MD is in the playpen.
View attachment 2874007
Thing 1 asleep in the car with stickers that he put on his face himself.
View attachment 2874009
Thing 2 in his Buzz Lightyear costume.
View attachment 2874010
Milk Drinker chewing on a new car toy my mom got him
View attachment 2874013
Thing 1 I’m his Boba Fett costume
View attachment 2874015
Thing 1’s snuggle teeth.
View attachment 2874017
Things 1&2 flying their respective Buzz Lightyear toys around.
View attachment 2874018
Milk Drinker first trying to stand.
View attachment 2874019
Milk Drinker fell asleep in the carrier on my back and I sat down on the bed and took it off and he stayed asleep.
View attachment 2874021
All three boys on me.
View attachment 2874022
Thing 1 and Milk Drinker.
View attachment 2874023
Milk Drinker first sitting.
View attachment 2874024 View attachment 2874025
I am so happy to see the baby MD still has fat arms!

I can't believe how big and grownup the OG Milk Drinker is now. ❤️

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Jan 4, 2017
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I am so happy to see the baby MD still has fat arms!

I can't believe how big and grownup the OG Milk Drinker is now. ❤️
Milk Drinker 3.0 isn’t anywhere near as pudgy as Thing 2 was at the same age. MD3.0 is about 22lbs and 7 months. Thing 2 was around 28lbs at this age. He was so pudgy he looked like he had three elbows.


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