Often broody Welsummer free for pickup in SF BAY AREA


10 Years
Jul 19, 2009
Wendy would love to be a mother. She tries hard, with eggs that aren't fertile, even golf balls. No luck. She would love it if someone would give her fertile eggs or mate her to a rooster, then she might be a mother hen indeed!! She is now 1 1/2 yr old, and was added at age 6 months to an existing flock, Perhaps because she got picked on a lot she ended up often going broody. When she does lay, she produces large dark brown eggs. She is tame and handleable. She is free to a good home, available for pickup only in the Berkeley, CA area of San Francisco Bay Area.

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You're RIGHT! I was all along calling my Welsummer an Easter Egger. Thanks for correcting me. She matches the photos of Welsummers perfectly.
I have a nice place for chickens and am looking for a few grown hens.
If you still want to give this one a new home you can email or call me at 510-908-9152

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