Oh Boy! Summer...


Jul 10, 2016
Ahh Summer. The birds are chirping, the bee's are buzzing, and the predators are hunting. I have over 15 freerange chickens and i had already lost multiple of them to hawks and coyotes. Summer in Missouri is my bird's worst nightmare. We have hawks that will come down and grab some of my chickens and i am sick of it. We already lost chickens to hawks and we had to deal with a huge kill wave when a coyote decided to pay a visit to my birds. I am getting sick of this and i cannot shoot a hawk out of the sky because of The Migratory Birds Act. Luckily i can fire at coyotes. But i am getting sick of this crap and i want to know if it is possible to put an end to this horror.


The Poultry Guy
Apr 2, 2016
New York
I suggest getting a fake owl statue. And get a Portable Radio so if the animal hears the Noise, it wont come near the chickens. If you want to catch it, Get a Cage (I will give you a link) and put Tuna in it. You can also get Scarecrows so it will look like people are outside and then you can put the portable Radio on it. But Scarecrows and Fake owl Statue's are your best option for Hawks and the portable Radio

You should also make little places around your property so they can sit under it and hide from the hawks so they are not out in the open

Good Luck!

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Nov 21, 2015
Do you have places where the chickens can hide from hawks? Or are they completely out in the open? We have lots of shelter for our chickens and they stay near areas where they can quickly run for cover, like the porch, lawn chairs, shrubs, etc. They know not to stay in exposed areas.

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